HOT BAREBACKING 2014-01-17 Blue Bailey & Mark

Blue Bailey & Mark

Newcomer Mark appears like a bandit with his dark shirt and dark beenie in this scene. He possesses a dark massive dick that is juicy as his lips. He leaves the scene with Bailey dazed out of his mind and his hole's widened. CLICK HERE

Cum Into The Coach's Office

African Underground 4 and 5

Two more "home videos" for the lovers of genuine Nigerian and South African amateur studs getting down and dirty with each other.

Fresh Fuckin' Papi

Papithugz welcomes Drake, in his ass-eatin’, boy-hole poundin’, dick-slingin’, porn debut. And, young Drake — no, not that one, but this fresh, fuckin’ papi swears he’s the original one — is lookin’ to plug some hole. That’s cool, we like that. And, so does sexy, slut boy, June. He likes it down his throat and up his juicy, always ready, ass. Handle your business, Drake. A star is porn. Yeah, I had to say it. Enjoy!

Drinking With The Boys

Rex Blackstone

Rex Blackstone stunned our Dynamite customers with his breathtaking raw beauty and masculine, swaggering performance, rightly earning him the title of 2004's DynamiteStudios / 'Man of the Year'. Another classic Dynamite Video! Stunning Rex Blackstone has two explicit scenes in his awesome video, including an exciting studio dance - naked as rthe day is long! Shower scene, and that famous red mirror-room scene, where hot and hungry Rex cums a bucket!

Mark Dalton - Prick Tease (Pacific Sun)

This story traces the sex lives of the "fans" of the new hunk star of gay magazines & the internet - Mark Dalton, the body builder supreme arrives in town to perform at the club-"Underworld" immediately cocks appears & must be put in action.
Dalton teases us with his tight white g-string before slowly unveiling the whole shebang, a not-that-impressive shaved-clean cock. Naked, he gyrates his way around the empty bar set before bringing himself off back on stage. Remember, he’s performing solely for his brother. That must be one fucked up family there. Hillbillies? Needless to say, if you’re a fan, you’ll be shooting buckets by this scene.
A great movie, though slightly flawed. Still, I’m going to give it high marks. But one bit of advice - learn to suck dick, Dalton. Then you’ll be a real star.

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn in "Quinner Takes Al”

Alexander Garrett & Kyle Quinn in "Quinner Takes Al”
We have a new face for all of you this week, Kyle Quinn. Kyle is 25 and originally from the District of Columbia. To help make him feel welcome we invited our favorite Colombian Alexander Garrett. Alexander is 35 and now lives in South Florida. Kyle is a skeptical Gemini who doesn’t put all that much faith in astrology; while curious and eternally optimistic Alexander reads his Virgo horoscope whenever he gets a chance. Well we know what time of year they were born; so we wondered what their favorite flavor of birthday cake is. Kyle loves cookies & crème ice cream cake while Alexander loves chocolate cake. These two are sexual and love to jack off. Kyle likes to beat it on his couch while Alexander loves to tug in front of the mirror in his bathroom. We then asked where was the weirdest place they’d ever had sex. Kyle had sex in a frat house while Alexander says his weirdest place was in a car. Is that weird? Hmm. A confessional—now that’s weird. We digress, now where were we? Oh yeah, well there won’t be any weirdness on set this afternoon just an awful lot of nekidness…and a whole lot of fucking going on

Vinny and Zach

Vinny is a new straight boy where we catch him for the first time to get a hand-job from a guy, a blow-job from a guy and then even cums in Zach's str8 boy mouth! Vinny reminds us of a model we used to have on BSB, I am sure the long time veterans of BSB know who I am referring to! It honestly surprises us how far we can push them to do things they say they will never do. Let alone on camera! Enjoy the preview below.